Insurance agent says majority of motorycle accidents involve automobiles

Donnie Kee
Donnie Kee
"Old guys rule"
"Old guys rule"

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Studies show nearly three-fourths of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with an automobile.

One insurance agent says it's often because the driver can't see the cyclist.

Farmers Insurance Agent Donnie Kee says it's no reason to give up cruising the open road.

"It's the sound, it's the feel, it's the openness," said Kee about his love for riding.

It's Kee's job that led him to a passion for motorcycling.

"Seeing them and their enjoyment with it, I had to try it out."

He sells insurance to hundreds of East Texas cyclists. The cost depends on the driver, their age, even the brand of the bike.

Adding safety features to the bike can make it more expensive.

"The options on a motorcycle that they add actually cost as much as the motorcycle itself," said Kee.

He says it's worth it.

Most motorcyclists are involved in wrecks because the other driver can't see them.

"You can't afford to have an accident with another automobile, because you're going to lose," said Kee.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports you're three times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than in a car wreck.

"It can be a safe sport if you are very careful and drive defensively," said Kee.

He says there are ways to improve safety.

"Add the flashing headlights and the blinking tail lights. That is the safest and cheapest thing they can do to add to their safety."

Staying outside city limits also helps, but if you can't avoid it, Kee offers this advice.

"Every time, you come to an intersection you've got to tell yourself that car is going to pull out in front of you and you're going to prepare for that," said Kee.

This type of defensive driving keeps riding bikes fun and helps avoid serious accidents.

Kee also recommends wearing bright, visible clothing.

You can also check your tires and make sure they are the safest choice for the road

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