City of Corrigan fires police chief, secretary

James Farrar
James Farrar

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - By Jena Johnson - email

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - The Corrigan City Council approved Tuesday a recommendation to terminate employment of its police chief and his secretary.

The decision came at the request of City Manager Mandy Risinger, who would not go into details of the decision, but just said it was an "administrative decision."

James Farrar worked for the department for 18 years, the last eight as chief. His secretary, Rebecca Whitaker, worked for the department for the last five years.

Mayor Robert Johnson said it was his understanding Farrar and Whitaker had not complied with directives from Risinger, so Risinger recommended their terminations.

"It makes me feel sad," Howard Lilley said.

Lilley says he worked for years with Corrigan's now-former police chief. He learned of Farrar's termination just today.

"I've never worked with a better officer," Lilley said. "He was diligent. He was like a bloodhound, when he got on a case he was going to finish it."

"I just thought it was really crazy, uncalled for," Enzie Lewis said.

"That's politics," Ernest Porter said. "I mean my philosophy on that is if you don't do like they want you to do it then they do what they want to do."

For residents like Porter, it's not enough of an explanation. He says the firings don't make sense.

"They work hard for this town, done a lot for it," Porter said. "I met him one time before and his secretary was the sweetest woman on this earth."

"He was a real fine officer," Lilley said. "Like I say one of the best detectives I ever worked with."

Trust seems to be an important quality between a chief and the people he serves. Now Lilley feels the City of Corrigan has turned its back on its residents.

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