Pollok community hopes sketch leads to capture of alleged rapist

Rebecca Coulter and her mom look at sketch
Rebecca Coulter and her mom look at sketch
Sheryl Liles owns Shear Expressions in Pollok area
Sheryl Liles owns Shear Expressions in Pollok area

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The early morning rape of a young girl hasn't left the hearts and minds of the Pollok community since it happened, just over a week ago.

Now, watching out for each other has become a priority.

"I just try and remind the ladies to go and walk in twos and try to stay during the day," said Sheryl Liles, owner of Shear Expressions beauty shop in Pollok area.

"Makes me scared to take my kids out and do anything with them. It's, gosh, just so close to home," said Rebecca Coulter, Lives down the street from incident.

It was the release of the suspected rapist's sketch that has really fired the urgency around the area to get the guy caught.

The Polk's Pick-it Up near Pollok posted the sketch on their front door, so the face of a suspected rapist will greet everyone who walks in.

Sheryl Liles thinks it's a great idea.  She spends hours with area women as the owner of a beauty shop.

"Especially in salons. A lot of ladies come in and out," said Liles.

If the suspect is still in the area, she believes the sketch may shake up the investigation.

"He's hidden somewhere. This is a very remote area. A lot of places are vacant - barns and places like that. You don't know where he's living at or what he's living in," said Liles.

It's not just the rural nature of their community that worries young mom, Rebecca Coulter.

"You don't want people like this running around, especially in your neighborhood," said Coulter.

She and her family live down the street from Alderidge Circle. She spent several moments staring at the suspect's image, and made a plea to neighbors...

"...Don't be afraid of telling on somebody because this guys needs to be caught. He doesn't need to be out there any longer," said Coulter.

Nearby Central I.S.D. is circulating the suspect sketch among their teachers.

The school district is also handing out safety tips before students return to school on Monday.

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