Egg recall seems to not affect East Texans

Cary Sims
Cary Sims
Dr. Michael Iversen
Dr. Michael Iversen

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nearly 400 million eggs have been recalled across the nation, but in East Texas, things seem to be quiet.

"I personally am really not concerned," said Cary Sims, county extension agent. "I love all our Texas-made beef and produce and pork and poultry products."

Sims says you can prevent salmonella in your eggs by buying irradiated or pastuerized eggs. But, the illness is food-borne and found in domestic and wild animals.

"It can be inside of the eggs even if they're not cracked," Sims said. "We used to always think that they had to be cracked for it to enter into it."

"It can be transferred on the eggs," Dr. Michael Iversen said. "It can actually be transferred in the eggs if the chicken who's laying the eggs has salmonella in their ovaries, you know, but it's pretty rare that it does happen."

Iversen says you can start seeing symptoms five to 72 hours after exposure.

"You know you got salmonella if you've got diarrhea and usually it's watery diarrhea sometimes associated with blood in it, some stomach cramping," Iversen said.

He says those with compromised immune systems, the elderly and very young may experience more severe symptoms. He says it doesn't require antibiotics unless it gets in your blood stream.

"Actually it's what we call self-limited and it doesn't require antibiotics," Iversen said. "It resolves on it's own anywhere between three to four days."

Sims says whether you get them from local farmers here at the farmers market or from the store, you need to make sure they're cooked properly.

"Just make sure that you cook your egg thoroughly," Sims said. "If it's runny on top, that's not a thoroughly cooked egg."

Iversen says unlike the flu, typically you won't see a runny nose and upper-respiratory tract symptoms with salmonella.

HEB and Brookshire Brothers said they do not have any of the tainted eggs in their store.  They say they do not buy from the Iowa supplier.

The Lufkin Wal-Mart said they also do not have any bad eggs on their shelves.

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