8/23/10 Lufkin Police report

CRIMINAL MISCH - 600 Block of Angelina Street: Land lord reported a window broken on a building and suspects recently evicted tenants may be responsible.

BURGLARY - 1600 Block of South First - Officers responding to a burglary alarm found the front door glass had been shattered.  A keyboard was found to have been stolen from the business.

HARASSMENT - 400 Block of Vine Drive: Man reported that he has been getting non-stop harassing texts, e-mails, and Face book posts from the mother of his child.

BURGLARY - 2400 Block of West Frank Avenue: Woman reported that she returned to her vehicle at the end of her shift to find the driver's side window had been broken out and her purse stolen out of the vehicle.

BURGLARY - 100 Block of Pine crest:Man reported that he returned home to find several firearms and his computer had been stolen.

CRIMINAL MISCH - 800 Block of Pierce: Woman reported that someone broke out the bedroom window on the side of her residence to attempt to gain entry into the residence.

BURGLARY - 1800 Block of Sayers: Woman reported that she returned home to find her door standing open and a DVD player, laptop computer, and a cell phone missing from her home.