Bronson cross-burning suspects plead not guilty

Patrick Jacks and Noah Lee Kinsel, arrested in connection to cross burning
Patrick Jacks and Noah Lee Kinsel, arrested in connection to cross burning
Kinsel and Jacks take oath in County Judge's courtroom
Kinsel and Jacks take oath in County Judge's courtroom
Family and friends show support
Family and friends show support

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - Patrick Jacks and Noah Lee Kinsel refused to back down Wednesday morning. Armed with their supporters, the two proudly declared their innocence to Sabine County Attorney Bobby Neal.

"I came here to make a plea of not guilty," said Kinsel.

It was their first hearing on terroristic threat charges stemming from a Bronson cross burning last month. Before entering court, they were called into the County Attorney's Office.

"Asked how we was going to plead. If we wanted to plead guilty or just plead not guilty," said Jacks.

They were told there wasn't a plea bargain in the works, but they don't care.

"We ain't guilty. We're not pleading to nothing we didn't do," said Jacks.

The men weren't standing alone either. Family and friends stood strong in their support... Even Kinsel's ex-wife.

"I believe he didn't do it. I don't think he done it," said the ex-wife, Sara Kinsel.

His girlfriend says she spent the entire day and night of the cross burning with him. Yet, law enforcement hasn't approached her to correlate his alibi.

"I'd like to know why nobody asked me anything, ya know?" said Katia Breaux, Kinsel's current girlfriend.

Jacks says he wasn't even in town during the incident. Ultimately, they both want to know what the prosecution is basing their case against them on.

"I don't know what they investigated, if they did any investigation at all. It sure wasn't on my behalf or his," said Kinsel.

Both men are frustrated, not just by the legal situation, but with the financial costs of facing the charges.

"it's costing me money. This is my fourth day I've had to miss work because of this. Plus, the money to get out of jail. So, yeah, they're bleeding us dry," said Jacks.

A request to speak with the county attorney was denied.

Sabine County Judge Charles Watson told Patrick Wayne Jacks, 35, and Noah Lee Kincel, 45, to get a lawyer as the case moves forward.

Jacks and Kincel are each charged with terroristic threat, a misdemeanor.

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