Trinity Co. investigators interview parents about child driving death

Scott Williford, 12-year old who died after taking parents pick-up
Scott Williford, 12-year old who died after taking parents pick-up
Texas Ranger Steven Jeter
Texas Ranger Steven Jeter
Trinity County Constable Pct. 1 - Woody Wallace
Trinity County Constable Pct. 1 - Woody Wallace

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The parents of 12-year-old Scott Williford are searching for any answers to explain why he led authorities on a deadly police chase.

"I just spoke with the father a few hours ago, and they're still wondering what was going on - what was he thinking," said Constable Woody Wallace, Trinity Co. Pct. 1.

Constable Woody Wallace interviewed Scott's parents to gather key clues to piece together the moments leading up to his death.

"They just kind of think he wanted to drive and see what it was like and unfortunately it turned into a horrible tragedy," said Wallace.

Scott's father told the constable when he returned from picking up groceries, he noticed his pick-up...and his 12-year-old gone.

Scott and his family lived in the Jungle Village subdivision in Trinity County. When he got in the pick-up truck, he would've come up Jungle Village Road and headed left on 356.  Then, turned right on 94, where it all ended.

Scott was able to drive for miles before a deputy constable spotted the pick-up driving erratically.  The deputy tried to stop Scott, but he drove past him.

"Maybe that scared him and maybe he thought at that point he was probably going to be in trouble. We have no way of knowing where he was going. He didn't tell anybody he was going," said Wallace.

He kept going another mile, before losing control and slamming into a tree.

Now, the Texas Rangers are investigating which is standard for deadly chases.

"Just looking at what happened what caused the pursuit through the crash, and the ultimate death. Just looking at the totality of the situation," said Steve Jeter, Texas Ranger overseeing and assisting the investigation.

Investigators tell me, they want answers for the family.  Also, the details to clear them, and officers, of any wrong-doing in this boy's senseless death.

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