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(Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt-AP) -- Today's gathering in Egypt is seen as the easier of two big Mideast meetings for President Bush. He's expected to win Arab support for a "road map" to peace. Tomorrow, Bush meets in Jordan with the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers. The outcome there is viewed as less predictable.

(Evian France-AP) -- They were divided over war, but leaders of the G-Eight countries are standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the issue of postwar Iraq. They've wrapped up an annual economic meeting by pledging to rebuild the country.

(United Nations-AP) -- A final report to the UN Security Council says weapons inspectors found no evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Chief inspector Hans Blix says investigators had many unanswered questions when they left just before fighting started. They haven't been allowed back in.

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) -- An American soldier on patrol in Iraq has been killed today. The military says the soldier was patrolling a town 55 miles north of Baghdad when he was fatally shot. It's the latest in a series of recent attacks on American troops.

(Washington-AP) -- The vote has been taken -- but the battle over eased rules governing the ownership of newspapers and broadcast outlets appears far from over. Critics vow to use courts and Congress to fight changes they say will put too much media power in the hands of a few giant companies.

(Washington-AP) -- A congressional investigator says the government should now assume all U.S. troops in the 1991 Gulf War were exposed to nerve gas. That could make hundreds of thousands of veterans of the war eligible for disability checks and give them higher priority for VA health care.

(Washington-AP) -- Do terrorism suspects have the same rights as other criminal defendants? A federal appeals court considers that issue today in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui. The man suspected of plotting with the nine-eleven hijackers wants to question a senior al-Qaida leader he says could clear him.

(Birmingham, Alabama-AP) -- Eric Rudolph has access to a telephone, a TV and a table in an Alabama jail -- but he won't be allowed contact with other inmates. The serial bombing suspect facing trial for a deadly 1998 abortion clinic blast appears in court later today in Birmingham.

(Medford, Oregon-AP) -- Police allege an Oregon man called in a phony bomb threat to an airline because he was late for his flight and hoped to delay the plane. The America West jet bound from Medford, Oregon to Phoenix landed safely and nothing suspicious was found. The FBI is questioning the man.

(Anaheim, California-AP) -- The best-of-seven series to decide hockey's best team is even at two games apiece. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks defeated the New Jersey Devils one-to-nothing in overtime last night. Game five is Thursday in New Jersey.

by Bob Eller

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