Lufkin baby death evokes strong reaction from the community

Sharon McClure, Licensed Professional Counselor
Sharon McClure, Licensed Professional Counselor
Scene of tragic baby death
Scene of tragic baby death

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The comments keep popping up on One after another, after another, web readers have posted their opinions of the baby's death. The tragedy has evoked polarizing reactions .

"I feel so sorry for the dad. It's such a tragedy," said one Lufkin woman.

"How could you forget about your kid?" asked Debbie Finnigan.

"You can't blame him. It wasn't really his fault," said Paula Harris.

Harris blames the state law requiring child seats to remain in the backseat.

"They're facing backward. I've never forgotten them, but I can see how it can happen," said Harris.

Personal views of the incident aside, the baby's family is dealing with emotions no one ever wants to experience.

"Understand that family is going through a lot of pain too," said another Lufkin woman.

Lufkin counselor Sharon McClure agreed wholeheartedly.

"It's the most normal reaction in the world having grief over the death of a child. But then to have the added guilt makes it so much more complicated," said Sharon McClure, Licensed Professional Counselor.

Folks are asking how a parent could become so distracted that they would forget to check the backseat before going off to work? McClure says everyone has experienced distraction at some point in their life.

She also adds that this father has to find a way to get over the consequences of being distracted that morning.

"No one can just wave a magic wand and make everything all better. This poor man is going to go through a long process of grief and working through that guilt," said McClure.

Using this tragic event as a moment to reflect is also important.

"We always need a little extra help sometimes focusing on not getting so distracted - not getting so busy in our lives," said McClure.

McClure recommended for the father to speak with a counselor or close friends about his feelings.

The focus of his recovery should be the re-learning the value of his own life despite the tragedy.

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