Cancer Treatment

It used to be that a diagnosis of cancer was a death sentence; however, cancer treatment is improving into a whole new generation.

One of the newest treatments is a drug called Avastin. It's a medication that starves tumors by shutting off the blood supply they need to live and grow. Avastin and another drug called Erbitux are just two examples of several new biotechnology-based drugs heading through research towards FDA approval.

Doctors believe the particular compounds will undoubtedly prolong the lives of cancer patients, and many hope they will increase the cure rate as well. The side effects of these new drugs seem to be milder than the nausea, vomiting and hair loss associated with traditional chemotherapy.

Still, for now, they're given in combination with chemo. This new approach to targeting tumors is showing success in a growing number of cancers, especially when combined with other cancer fighting therapies.