6-year-old Pollok murder case going back to trial

Jarrard Holland mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Jarrard Holland mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
John Riley O'Quinn
John Riley O'Quinn
Kimberly O'Quinn
Kimberly O'Quinn

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The 2004 murder case of a Pollok woman is going back to trial nearly three years after a jury could not reach a verdict in the previous trial.

According to previous reports, Jarrard Holland is charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend, Kimberly O'Quinn.

Holland claims O'Quinn committed suicide, but the Angelina County Sheriff's Office charged Holland in the death following a review of forensic evidence.

The five-day trial ended with a hung jury in Oct. 2007.

"She's not coming back," said Kimberly's grandfather John Riley O'Quinn.  "It has been a long time, but we've all been patient, everybody's held their cool and so now there's going to be closure to it."

His granddaughter was 21 when she was found dead at a home on Tom Hampton Road in Pollok.

Kimberly's boyfriend at the time, Jarrard Holland, has already been tried once for her murder.

"I think in the first trial it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he did take her life, but the jury some of them saw different, so we've got to go with the jury on whatever they come up with," said John O'Quinn.

Holland originally told authorities that O'Quinn committed suicide right in front of him, but her grandfather says it's a story, he doesn't believe.

"Kim was too happy a girl to take her life and most women, most girls, they're not going to take their life by shooting themself in the face, to start with," he said.

John said Holland and Kimberly were living together at the time, but that night she was packing up to move to her grandparents.

John helped raise Kimberly and said he's known Holland all his life.

"Life wouldn't be good enough, but I would settle for less as long as he gets some time," he said.

Although the wheels of justice turn slow, John said he knew Holland's day in court would come again.

"I figured it would because the DA promised us faithfully that it was going to come back up and I'm just proud there's going to be closure on this thing one way or another and get it all behind us where our life can get back to normal," John said.

He'll be at the courthouse every day of the re-trial, hoping for an answer this time around.

"All I'm asking for is justice in this trial...Kim was real special," he said.

We contacted the district attorney and Holland's lawyer. They both declined our request for comment on details of the case.

Jury selection is scheduled for Tuesday, with the trial set to begin the next day.

Holland has been out of jail on bond since before the 2007 trial.

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