Incentive programs put people back to work in East Texas

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

Lufkin (KTRE) - Castle Pines Health and Rehabilitation Center participates in not one, but four employer incentive programs.

"Obviously, it's a benefit to our company and our company is very supportive of this," said Jane Dorman, human resources manager for Castle Pines.

Texas Workforce Solutions (TWC) provides funds for wages. In exchange, the employer provides work and training.

TWC business specialist Sandra Hopson likes to think she's helping inspire the market. "Because of the economy, it's kinda created a situation where they can't, for one reason or another hire more people. Maybe they can't borrow the money or whatever it is."

Texas Back To Work is the most popular program. It actually pays employers if they hire people who have been recently laid off.

"The idea behind it is to get them back to work as quick as possible," Hopson said.

"We can earn up to $2000. They have to be here a full 120 days. They have to be here working at a minimum of 30 hours a week and then there is reporting we have to do," explained Dorman.

The book work may be the downside. The upside is employers have a prospective employee trained to meet individual business needs.

"It's a win win. Think to put yourself out there a little bit is well worth it and get people a chance. If they want to do the work, give them the chance to do that," expressed Dorman.

Something to consider this Labor Day weekend when so many people will be off from work through no fault of their own.

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