North Lufkin holds community rally to boost voter morale

Ella Austin of North Lufkin
Ella Austin of North Lufkin
State Representative Jim McReynolds
State Representative Jim McReynolds

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Election day is less than two months away and Texans are preparing to head to the polls.

With Texas ranked 47th in the nation in eligible voters, it's clear not everyone will be counted for this November 2nd.

That's why a group of Lufkin officials and concerned citizens are organizing to rally their community, reminding people that voting is not only a right but a privilege.

"Guys that's what democracy is about, now let's make democracy happen," said Texas State Representative Jim McReynolds, one of the speakers at the rally held at Jones Park in North Lufkin.

They're here to bring change to their community and their state, and say it won't happen overnight.

"You talk with certain people and they say well my vote is not going to count. You get hundreds of people saying that one thing- your vote is not going to count. It adds up," said Councilman Robert Shankle.

They're plan is to rally together in hopes of boosting the low voter morale in the North Lufkin area.

"We need to develop houses here. We need our streets to be repaired. We need to look at the need and there's something we could be doing for the senior citizens and those who are disabled," said Ella Austin of North Lufkin.

They say it's not about who you vote for, it's that you vote period.

"That's your choice when you go in that voting booth. We make voting as easy as humanly possible. To get a voter registration card is not pain. You can vote at home if you want to. We have two weeks of early voting," said McReynolds.

Still many choose not to count.

"Texas ranks 47th in the nation in eligible voters who take the time and effort to go vote. If you don't vote you can't complain," said McReynolds.

Rally organizers say they aim to reach younger crowds.

"We have a few more people than we even anticipated," said Joe Deason.

Like Reggie Jackson, who says he'll be eligible to vote next year.

"I care about the county and what's happening to it. I care about Texas," said Jackson.

Caring is one thing. Exercising the right, and privilege to vote is a choice Texans will have to make for themselves come November 2nd.

The rally also gave people the chance to register to vote.

Organizers say they'll be holding future events similar to this one, to encourage more people in the community to head to the polls.

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