The Verdict Is In For A Constable Charged With Shuttle Debris Theft

Harrison County Constable Robert Hagan was charged with stealing a tile from a debris site in Nacogdoches county the day of the shuttle disaster. He completed his testimony Friday morning. In the testimony Hagan said he had considered keeping a piece of the debris as a quote "remembrance" but says it was only a passing thought.

In his closing arguments this afternoon, Hagan's attorney Eldred Smith said Hagan's words were misconstrued during the investigation of his case. Federal Prosecutor Malcom Bales told jurors Hagan lied several times throughout the days after the disaster about his possession of the tile. Hagan says heightened to return the debris to Nacogdoches.

Jurors were sent to deliberate at around 1:30 PM and it took less than 3 hours to reach a verdict.

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