Texas Education Board weighs in on role of Islam in textbooks

Lufkin I.S.D Superintendent Roy Knight
Lufkin I.S.D Superintendent Roy Knight

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Will Texas school kids be taught from World History textbooks that emphasize Islam?

The state board of education is expected to consider a resolution telling publishers to steer clear of any Islamic agenda.

It's no surprise to educators, textbooks are being scrutinized again.

"Our State Board of Education has created substantial controversy whether it be with science textbooks, social studies, in this case recently regarding what's in world history textbooks," said Lufkin Independent School District Superintendent Roy Knight.

Reportedly, conservative members of the State Board of Education are pushing for a warning to publishers against using a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian viewpoint in world history textbooks.

"There's always a danger when you don't have a global view and you feel like you're representing only a small constituent," said Knight.

Concerned board members say many of these books include more text about Islam than Christianity.

Knight says all major religions should be treated equally in the classroom setting.

"We don't single out any particular religion as the way of the world over another as we should not," said Knight. "Probably the most important thing that classroom teachers do is teach children to discern right from wrong, fact from opinion."

Some parents say they hope this resolution won't prevent their kids from learning the facts.

"We're built on that freedom of having religion so she should know about all of them," said Donny Ball, Lufkin parent.

"There's some Islam people going to school and some Christians and you should teach everything," said parent, Willie Settler.

Others say textbooks should actually stress Christianity over other religions.

"I feel like there's a lot of anti-Christian taught out there," said Tammie Bussey. "With religion they need to learn the difference. They need to learn the word of God," she said.

Regardless the outcome of what is published Knight assures us that his teachers won't preach extreme views on any religion.

The State Board is scheduled to meet next Thursday. However, a religious freedom group says none of the textbooks cited in the resolution are being used in Texas.

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