9/18/10 Nacogdoches Police Report

Aggravated Assault – 1517 Fox

Suspect allegedly hit victim in the mouth with a beer bottle during an argument over cards, suspect's sister then allegedly cut him the arm with a knife.  This happened last night but was not reported until this date due to the victim's reported intoxicated state.

Theft (enhanced) – 2003 South

Patrick Robinson allegedly stole some items from the store and was caught by staff.  He was arrested.

Burglary/Habitation – 5109 North #301

Complainant said she left her apartment unlocked and when she returned her wallet with cards and 100 dollars were gone along with a frozen roast.

Burglary/Building – 1411 Hillview

Two trailers that are being worked on were broken into and the refrigerators, stoves and hot water heaters were taken.

Hit & Run – 614 N. University Drive

While at work victim observed a Chevy pickup strike his vehicle.  The vehicle is registered to a suspect in Garrison.  Officers are following up on this call.

Hit & Run – Victim borrowed a friend's vehicle and while having her nails done someone damaged the passenger doors.

Burglary/Habitation – 2401 Center Highway

Victim reported someone forced the front door open and removed her Compaq laptop computer.  The computer was rented from Rent-a-Center.

Theft – 1122 N. University Drive

Store employees observed Negaile Johnson allegedly place blue jeans in her diaper bag and trying to leave the store.  She was arrested.  Property from Belks was also found in the bag.

Hit & Run – 2800 NE Stallings Drive – Victim had a flat tire on her vehicle and was trying to cross the road to turn in a private drive.  A light colored Mustang struck the left side of her vehicle then left the area headed southbound.

Driving without License – 3000 Center Highway

Cortex Cartwright was stopped for running a red light.  He had no insurance and his license was under suspension.  He was arrested.

Failure to Identify – 1507 North Street

Andrew Haffert was contacted due to allegedly trying to incite a crowd at Taco Bell.  Haffert gave a false name and date of birth.  He was arrested.

Assault – 2423 Woden Road

Suspect allegedly struck his wife in the face causing her nose to bleed.  She wishes to file charges.

Arrests: Negaise Johnson (theft), Justin Dinbali (PI), Burman Price (PI)