UPDATE: 93 year old Crockett woman beaten, robbed

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - It's hard to imagine a 93 year old woman robbed and beaten in the middle of the night in her own home, but for Genevieve Greenlee the unimaginable became reality.

"I thought this could be it, maybe this is the way the Lord wants it. I couldn't imagine Him doing that," Greenlee said as she recalled her terrifying experience.

Greenlee said she was asleep around midnight Thursday when someone broke into her home through the back door.  She said earlier she thought she had heard noises, got up, turned on the back porch light and didn't see anything, but did notice the gates were open. "I didn't think anything of it."

She said she had dozed off around midnight only to awake to find two men standing at her bedroom doorway.  "I yelled, get out of my house now and they knocked me down. I don't know what they hit me with but I fell in the hall and I was clear out of it for a few minutes."

She said she woke up, desperate to get help.  She managed to drag herself to the living room and call police.

"I didn't know when I pulled myself to the phone if they were gone or not, but I thought I've got to get to the phone because I'm bleeding so much."  Not knowing her attackers had already slipped out, she waited for help.  "They knocked out two teeth and gave me a black eye."

When officers arrived they found a battered elderly woman with bruises all over her body.  She was treated at the hospital in Crockett and released to her family to go home to recover.

Despite a body covered in bruises, and stitches from a split lip, Greenlee remains positive.  "It's not going to get me down. I cannot afford to be scared."

"I feel sorry for them because, I don't know, there's something wrong with their life to do something like that," said Elizabeth Howell, Greenlee's granddaughter.

Howell drove from Oklahoma as soon as she heard the news.  "I sobbed for my grandmother and for somebody hurting my grandmother."

She said what happened sends a clear message.  "Things happen it doesn't matter where you live.  Things happen. So, just be careful and be aware."

Greenlee said her attackers emptied her purse and stole her money bag which contained her cash and credit cards.  She said her medication was strewn all around the house.

She said she could only identify them as two men because they were covered from head to toe and never spoke a word to her.  The home invasion occurred on Rosewood Street in the Rolling Hills Subdivision in Crockett.  Her family is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects in this case.

The family said there have been at least two other break-ins in the Rolling Hills subdivision all within 24 hours of Thursday night's assault.

In a quiet, tight knit community, Greenlee is afraid what happened to her might happen again to someone else.  "If they're not caught, they might really murder somebody."

Police confirm there has been a rash of both residence and business burglaries recently in the Crockett area, including at least three in the Rolling Hills Subdivision area.

You're encouraged to call Crockett police if you have any information that might help them find the men who attack Greenlee.

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