U.S. Postal Service considering moving Lufkin processing plant

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  The U.S. Postal Service's 13 percent drop in business last year could change the route your mail takes through East Texas.

The postal service is treading water financially. With the drop in revenue, the processing and distribution center in Lufkin may shut down to keep the postal service afloat.

It's a behind the scenes plant separate from your day-to-day post office setup.
There, your letters and packages are sorted using a streamlined system and sending them to their destination.  A 90-day study will now decide if mail should bypass Lufkin altogether and shift to a processing center in Tyler.

"A drastic loss in mail volume and revenue to the tune of 21 million dollars a day," said USPS Spokesperson McKinney Boyd. "We have to look at ways to save money," said Boyd.

How much mail is processed will be determined. And how to save on transportation and employee costs. If the local center closes, it's likely those workers will lose jobs.
Lufkin Economic Development Director Jim Wehmeier hopes that doesn't happen.

"We do serve a large area of rural East Texas. We're important to that part of rural East Texas," said Wehmeier.

An obvious concern folks seem to have about this study is if closing the Lufkin processing center will affect the time it takes when you send a letter. Postal officials assure U.S. customers won't notice any change in their mail delivery. Customers at the Lufkin post office don't believe it.

Though he hates to think of East Texans losing jobs. Wehmeier says it's likely a sign of the economic times.

"My thought is that with Lufkin being such a regional hub my thought is we should come out ok," said Wehmeier.

In 90 days, postal officials should have a better grasp of how to deliver your mail.

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