Trinity Co. church members upset over potential next-door liquor store

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TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) – They say it'll pollute their community, but others claim it's not a big deal.  Members of Nogalus Prairie are at odds over plans for a liquor store across the street from Calvary Baptist church.

Nogalus Prairie is a small community in Trinity County where a beer permit for this place is the talk of the town.

"There's been some bad stuff up here and alcohol is only going to add to it," said Carolyn Davis, church member.

Calvary Baptist Church is just feet from the place. The building already has a package store license to sell liquor, but the county judge has to sign off on the beer and wine permit.

"This is not unusual that occasionally you'll have a location that the community will oppose," said Trinity County Judge Mark Evans.

Carolyn Davis, a deacon's wife, says they worry about alcohol being so close to the church youth group.

"Our fence is right here, just across from this facility and we're trying to teach our children morals and trying to raise them right," said Davis.

"They're going to get the beer anyway, so why not let them come to a close place to get it instead of driving down maybe 15 miles on 94 and they get drunk after they get on the road?" said James Corder, a Nogalus Prairie resident.

The tenant declined to comment since they haven't had the hearing yet.  But, he says residents have the right to voice their opinion and people in the community have no problem doing so.

"I don't understand why he would do this to this wonderful community. This God-fearing community," said Davis.

"They used to make moonshine here a long time ago and probably still do in places and this community has always had alcohol around here and so it's not going to hurt the community," said Corder.

Davis knows the tenant already has a package store license, but says beer and wine will draw the traffic.

"There's no amount of money on a life or a child being brought up in the admonition of the Lord, to be brought up and know the Lord and know right from wrong, no there's no money on that.  Nothing is worth that," said Davis.

"I think that's their business as long as they run it right. I don't particularly care," said Corder.

It's a debate Evans will have to issue a ruling on soon.

The hearing will be held next Friday, Oct. 1, at 10 a.m.

We tried to find out if it's against county ordinance to have a liquor store near a church, but the county attorney was out of town.

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