Constable releases video of Trinity boy's fatal wreck

Scott Williford photo courtesy of Groveton ISD.
Scott Williford photo courtesy of Groveton ISD.

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - A Trinity County constable has released dashboard camera video involving his deputy and a 12-year-old Trinity boy, who was driving a vehicle and trying to evade law enforcement before crashing and dying.

The video shows the beginning of the chase, with Deputy Constable Rusty Barrett pursuing Scott Williford. The pursuit lasts just under 10 minutes and shows parts with Williford swerving on and off the road before eventually crashing.

Barrett was no-billed by a grand jury who investigated the wreck.

The Trinity County constable stands by his deputy's actions during the deadly chase.

Nearly 10 minutes of Trinity County constable's dashcam video shows Williford leading the deputy on a high speed chase on a dark Highway 94.

"We're coming into the edge of Glendale running at 100," says Barrett during the chase.

The video shows cars dodging the boy as Williford swerves off the road.

"He's throwing bottles out of the truck trying to hit my vehicle," says Barrett.

A trooper is waiting just past Cemetery Road, with backup not far behind.

Moments later, Williford flips the truck slamming into a tree.

"10-50-10-50-we're going to need EMS," yells Barrett.

"A vehicle had just swerved off the road that he almost rear ended which looks like that may have ultimately led to him getting out of control and having the accident," said Constable Woody Wallace.

He says his deputy did everything to stop the boy before the deadly crash.

"He did what he was required to do by law and that was you know try to stop this vehicle and second was try to warn other cars that danger was approaching," explained Wallace.

Danger that Wallace says is clearly shown in the video.

"You could tell he was very unfamiliar with driving a vehicle. The brake lights never appeared more than I think like three times in the whole video which showed even on several times where he almost wrecked out that he still wasn't attempting to slow down," said Wallace.

What the cruiser video doesn't explain is why Scott Williford was running from deputies.

"We have no idea if he was running from another situation. We have no idea if he was running to something. There's just no way of knowing and I don't believe we'll ever know," said Wallace.

If any positive can come from the crash, Wallace plans to use the video for training and to help parents learn from the Groveton middle student's untimely death.

In a statement released to KTRE Friday, Scott's mother, Shane Williford wrote, "We appreciate everyone's prayers and support during this difficult time. However, we would appreciate that our privacy be respected."

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