Gohmert letter blasts USPS for study on Lufkin processing plant

By Jeff Awtrey - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, in a letter to the U.S. Postal Service, called a study the department plans on the Lufkin mail processing plant "rigged" and a "disturbing proposal.

In the letter, Gohmert says he learned of the study at the same time as the general public.

"The Lufkin Processing and Distribution Site has been a central component to not only the city of Lufkin, but Angelina County and surrounding counties as well," he said in the letter. "...This kind of reasoning is likely responsible for creating USPS problems. "

Gohmert explains in the letter how the USPS should not have declared what needs to be done before a study is done.

"Now, with the results of the study having already been dictated, the results of the survey will no [sic] doubt be exactly what you demand," Gohmert stated.

In an interview Monday, USPS spokesman McKinney Boyd said it was not known if any jobs would be lost if processing procedures are moved to Tyler. However, on Wednesday he said no jobs would be lost, but employees of the processing plants would be transferred.

In a telephone interview Thursday, Gohmert questioned the claim.

"If no jobs are going to be lost, how is it going to be fiscally responsible to move the plant in the first place?" he asked.

Gohmert also explained why he feels the study is rigged.

"When you have somebody make a claim like that, the people doing the study know who hired them and know what their boss wants the survey to say and they want to keep their jobs, so of course you know how the survey will turn out," he said.

Gohmert, in his letter, had an alternative idea for the study.

"It makes more sense to avoid wasting time and money on a study with predetermined results, and instead, to have a study of how many bureaucrats in the USPS utilize backwards thinking like was used here, then save money by firing them all."

In the interview, Gohmert brought politics into the mix.

"If it's true that Republicans may take a majority again, then the post office is going to need friends like me and they're not helping themselves with something like this," he said.

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