More than 25,000 file through the gates at Lufkin's Texas State Forest Festival

LUFKIN, TX - Great weather lured festival goers out in droves this year with plenty of rides, games, food and entertainment for everyone.

Attendance for the 26th annual Texas State Forest Festival exceeded 25,000, which is up from last year.  "In fact, we were up in attendance every day over last year," Tony Moline, Vice President, Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce said.

"Everyone seemed to have a great time from the looks of the smiles we saw on the faces of the folks who attended," Moline said.  Almost 300 volunteers, equaled to 2,000 volunteer hours, helped the Chamber with the event.

Wednesday night was KTRE night at the Forest Festival.  Television station personnel collected about a thousand cans of food.  The canned goods were donated to Christian Information and Service Center and Buckner Place in Lufkin.

The Fair and Forest Festival started in 1938, stopped in 1953, and started back up 26 years ago.  It's the biggest project the Chamber puts on.  Proceeds from the event help the Chamber, Texas Forestry Museum and seed money for next year's festival.  A good year will bring in about $80,000.

Most of the visitors come from within the county, however, statistics show more than 20% are visitors from other areas.

"We had a good year this year, even though we did not set any records.  We want to thank everyone who attended the Forest Festival, our volunteers and our sponsors.  Brookshire Bros. was our presenting sponsor and we had numerous others which helped make it all happen," Moline said.

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