East Texan saves hundreds of lives by giving blood

Murphy Ross
Murphy Ross
Terry Potter
Terry Potter

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

PINELAND, TX (KTRE) – In more than two decades an East Texas man has saved more than 500 lives.

He's no superman, but through blood donation, Murphy Ross is making a difference.

Its stories like 16-year-old Terry Potter that motivates Murphy to give blood every eight weeks.

"He has had eight open heart surgeries. He's had many other procedures, different kinds, most of them requiring blood," said Murphy.

Terry was born with a rare disease called DiGeorge Syndrome. His life could be cut short at any moment.

Murphy is a close family friend, and has watched him grow to be a very brave teenager.

"This weekend he'll be participating in a homecoming court in his hometown so we're very excited for him."

There are many others like Terry, fighting for their lives.

"I just want to be able to help somebody else. The people that can't help themselves, the ones that need the blood, they're not concerned about the needle stick. They're not concerned about the waiting. All they need is the blood," said Murphy.

To supply that need, he says more people need to give blood.

Murphy is partnering with the Blood Center of East Texas, organizing blood drives every few months and trying to encourage people in this community to become donors.

"It's not that they don't want to help people but for many of them they're just unfamiliar and don't have the knowledge," he explained.

Knowing that your blood could help a 16-year-old boy attend his homecoming may be motivation enough to become a donor.

"It could be their loved one next that needs the blood. It could be themselves. You never know who it's going to be but I don't want to be in the situation where my family needs blood and there's none there for them," said Murphy.

You can become a hero and commit for life by joining KTRE in giving blood on October 21st.

From noon until six o'clock, you can give blood at the Gaslight Brookshire Brothers in Lufkin and at Fresh Market on University Drive in Nacogdoches.

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