Shelby Co. authorities investigating juvenile molestation case

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - By Donna McCollum - email

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - When children come home from school parents don't expect to hear allegations of inappropriate touching by another student.

However, according to investigators, sexual allegations have been made not once, but several times against a 16-year-old male Center High School student.

"We're going to act swiftly and decisively as possible to protect our students and this particular incident," Superintendent James Hockenberry said. "That's exactly what we've done."

A Shelby County District Attorney spokesperson confirmed a directive to apprehend the male student was ordered and in very serious cases minors can be certified as adults at which time all details can be released.

Nobody will go on record detailing the encounters, but a reliable source said the latest incident happened at the high school and involved indecent exposure and inappropriate touching.

According to Center Police, two high school girls were interviewed today.

Three others were interviewed last week. Other girls may be as young as elementary age.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office is helping in the investigation.

Sheriff Newton Johnson says it involves a number of juveniles and the wide-open case is still under investigation.

"We just want our kids to feel safer," Hockenberry said. "That's all of them and we go to great lengths to do the very best we can."

Any student with information concerning inappropriate behavior in this case or any other is encouraged to notify authorities.

The Center Police Department is writing reports that will be handed over to the Shelby County District Attorney's Office.

The male student will return to Center in the next week for a detention hearing.

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