Lack of Rainfall Makes for Dangerously Dry Conditions

(KTRE):  Too much of a good thing is usually a very good thing when it comes to our local weather in East Texas.  However, it is now becoming a serious problem as our lack of rainfall is causing vegetation and ground soils to dry up, leading to an enhanced fire risk for all of the Piney Woods.

It has been nearly three weeks since we last received any rain, and nearly a month since we received soaking rain showers, courtesy of Tropical Storm Hermine.

Even though the cooler weather and fall-like temperatures have been nice, we could really stand to use some rain right about now.

As we head into the upcoming weekend, you will start to notice a slow rise in the humidity levels as our winds finally turn out of the south.

This will moderate our overnight low temperatures and allow for a considerable warm-up, especially in the afternoon hours.

While your weekend is looking mostly dry, we will finally introduce a slight chance of rain into the forecast by early next week.

At this point, it certainly does not look like this chance of rain will be very high, nor will it be all that widespread.  However, at least there is a chance of rain, and with the higher humidity values returning, that should help alleviate the parched soils.

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