4-year-old battling Leukemia honored by Pink Heals Tour

Cadence Simmons
Cadence Simmons
Founder of the Pink Heals Tour Dave Graybill
Founder of the Pink Heals Tour Dave Graybill

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – They call themselves warriors against cancer, fighting for women everywhere.

The Pink Heals Tour is driving across America to inspire communities to support their women.

Wednesday, the pink trucks were in Lufkin.

The trucks drive across the country to honor women battling cancer, like four-year-old Cadence Simmons.

"She just loves each day from day to day," said Cadence's grandmother, Kathy Ferguson.

Cadence was diagnosed with Leukemia three years ago.

After two failed bone marrow transplants, doctors are giving her days to live.

"Her birthday's November 4th and they say she might make it," said Cadence's mother, Lindsey Simmons.

In her pink cowgirl boots, Cadence is all smiles as fire fighters lifted her onto this pink truck for a parade in her honor.

"Words can't express but you just feel it in your heart you know, that they take time out of their schedule to do this," said Ferguson.

Cadence and others with cancer are the reason Arizona fire-fighter Dave Graybill started the Pink Heals tour, a non-profit organization.

"God put men here, blue, to wage war and protect our women at all costs," said Graybill. "I have nothing. I have no money. I took all this time, 74 days of vacation away from my own family to do this in honor of the women of Lufkin."

The tour gives local fire fighters the opportunity to raise money for women battling cancer in Lufkin.

"All of our women in our community, our moms, our wives, our daughters, sisters, they do so much for us every day of the year and all through our lives and this is us giving back to them," said Ozzie Jarman with the Lufkin Fire Department.

Signed names adorn the sides of these trucks.

These signatures tell stories of both survival and loss.

"I have almost 300,000 people battling all kinds of cancers that have shared their personal stories with me through the fire truck," said Graybill.

Signing her name proudly, Cadence joins the pink army.

Her story of strength and hope will travel across the country -- a message of inspiration.

"Don't give up, we'll fight until the end," said Ferguson.

T-shirts to support women's cancer awareness are being sold and 100% of the funds stay local to support women battling Cancer.

For information on how to order a shirt, you can contact Ozzie Jarman at 936-229-1591 or email him at Ozzie-j@hotmail.com

For more information on the Pink Heals Tour and "Cares Enough To Wear Pink" visit pinkfiretrucks.org or search the Pink Heels Tour on Facebook.

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