Nacogdoches home health explains why employees aren't getting paid

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Mercyfull Home Health Incorporated has office managers doing a lot of explaining to employees, clients and now doctors.

"Doctor's office saying they had gotten a phone call saying that we were going out of business," office manager Retha Tubbe Todd explains, after hanging up the phone.

An expected speculation when Mercyfull doesn't have enough money to pay their employees in both Nacogdoches and a home office in Richmond.

Nevertheless, providers were at work caring for the patients who need them. The company says negligent billing practices led to slow Medicare reimbursements.

"The outsider biller was making mistakes, not billing properly or not billing at all and now they're having to go back and bill on some of patients that were never even billed on," Todd said.

Todd says corrections were made, but the holiday weekend is delaying Medicare deposits. She holds employees' paychecks, including her own, that she hopes can be cashed in the coming days.

"We all live paycheck to paycheck, but everybody believes in this company and believes in Mercy," Todd said.

Mercy grant is the owner. The Nigerian native was too upset to be interviewed. Some employees, who anamously contacted KTRE, blast her. Others have nothing but praise.

"I know with God's help that he's going to help us get through this," Todd said, crying.

Mercyfull's company motto is dream, pray, believe. Something employees may be doing right now for a paycheck.

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