Lufkin man shoots at burglars caught in the act

Box cars where suspect may have been sighted
Box cars where suspect may have been sighted
House allegedly targeted by would-be burglars
House allegedly targeted by would-be burglars
Ashley Scallan talks to neighbors about police search
Ashley Scallan talks to neighbors about police search

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin homeowner took the law into his own hands Monday afternoon after he caught two burglars in the act, according to Lufkin Police.

Cpl. Trent Sobolewski said the man came home around 3 p.m. to his house on the 3400 block of Old Union Road and said he saw two men trying to jimmy the lock on his back door. He grabbed a gun and fired three or four shots at them, but did not hit either.

When mobile park landlord Heather Fuller saw the swarm of law enforcement near the park she became concerned about her residents.

"I looked out at the road - at the street - and there are several law enforcement vehicles there and they're just standing around watching," said Fuller.

Lufkin and Hudson police officers converged in this area around Old Union and Mount Caramel Road.

Fuller's Mobile Home Park is right in the center of that area.  Fuller stopped an officer to find out what was going on.

"He informed me that there was robbers that had broken into a gentleman's home on Old Union," said Fuller.

The homeowner told police that he had come home to men trying to jimmy open his back door.

According to Sergeant Mike Shurley with Lufkin P.D. the homeowner grabbed a .45 caliber gun from his truck and shot at the suspects four times, but they were able to get away.

Police say they searched for the suspects for about an hour. They focused their efforts on railroad tracks and parked box cars that run parallel to Old Union Road.

Ashley Scallan, a resident of the nearby mobile home park, said her mom believes she saw one of the suspects running through the woods near their home.

Police believe the men shouldn't be a threat, but Scallan says she has a warning for them.

"Well, my husband he has a shotgun and my dad has a shotgun too, so they better not come over here," said Scallan.

Authorities describe the two suspects as black males, wearing all white shirts and blue jeans. They have short hair and are tall and skinny. You're asked to call Lufkin Police or crimestoppers if you have any information regarding these individuals.

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