'Hulk' makes big box office smash

Los Angeles-AP -- "The Hulk" has smashed up the box office.

The comic-book adaptation has chalked up the biggest gross ever for a June opening, taking in 62-point-six (m) million dollars.That bumped "Finding Nemo" out of the top spot. The animated fish tale earned an estimated 20 and-a-half (m) million dollars.Other new releases didn't do so well. The romantic comedy "Alex and Emma" debuted at number seven. And "From Justin to Kelly" -- starting American Idol stars Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini -- opened at number eleven, taking in less than three (m) million dollars.Depite the big numbers for "The Hulk," it still took in about 23 (m) million dollars less in its opening weekend that the X-Men sequel did last month.

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