High schoolers swap blood drive success stories at Lufkin workshop

Meagan Raeke with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Meagan Raeke with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Jessica Stovall, Senior at Lufkin H.S.
Jessica Stovall, Senior at Lufkin H.S.

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Student representatives chosen from 15 area schools filled a Lufkin Memorial conference room to ensure their next blood drive would bring more blood back to the community.

"Help everyone participate in giving blood," Melissa Jones, student.

The annual workshop is held to aid students in planning and executing better blood drives at their high schools.

Meagan Raeke with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center thinks this workshop provides a unique avenue for students to swap success stories.

"They're able to share ideas with others schools what has worked for them," said Raeke.

Woden High Senior, Raymond Lauderdale, is excited about putting what he's learned to use.

"Probably have some theme blood drives and have a competition between all the different classes," said Lauderdale.

Students got a hands-on opportunity when hospital workers used these little tools to prick fingers so they could learn what their blood type is.

Students learned that depending on one's blood type: a donation of platelets, plasma double red cells, or whole blood can make a greater impact.

"Every donation can save three lives and that's what ends up becoming really important to these kids,"said Raeke.

Jessica Stovall, a Lufkin High senior, says initially students would give blood for a free t-shirt and to escape class.

"You get outta class - typically you get out an entire period so it's fun," sald Stovall.

She and others say once they learn how they're helping the community, they decide to donate again and again.

"So they don't have to choose whose getting blood," said Stovall.

If that commitment begins as a teenager --- that's a lot of lives saved.

"There will be blood for people that need it," said Jones.

Many of the high schools represented host at least two blood drives a year.

Mark your calendar... you can be a hero as we'll be hosting KTRE9 Heroes Blood Drive on October 21st.

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