Bush applauds Supreme Court decision on affirmative action case

White House-AP -- President Bush is applauding the Supreme Court's decision on the University of Michigan's affirmative action programs.

In a statement released at the White House, he praises the justices for recognizing "the value of diversity" on the nation's campuses. Bush calls diversity one of America's greatest strengths.He says there are ways to achieve diversity without using racial quotas. And he adds that the court made it clear that colleges and universities must make a good-faith effort to find alternatives to quotas.Bush says the court sought what he calls a careful balance between the goal of campus diversity and the fundamental principle of equal treatment under the law.The court upheld a program used at the university's law school that uses race as a factor in the admissions process. But it also struck down a separate -- and stronger -- affirmative action policy for undergraduates.Bush says his administration will continue to promote policies that expand educational opportunities for Americans from all racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

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