KTRE collects 5,000 pounds of food at fair

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - East Texans know on opening day of the Piney Woods Fair to come with can goods.

"I think I have three people's worth," one fair goer said.

In record time the truck was filled with boxes and boxes of canned goods.

Thursday morning, those boxes were loaded off.

"We collected around 5,000 pounds of food," KTRE's Jim Dunbar said. "It's about 94 boxes, which is a tremendous turnout."

Harvest House and Project H.O.P.E. accepted the donations.

"If we just help one family, it helps some kids that might not have food," a volunteer said.

Clients apply for the assistance. Most qualify.

"If you think you need food then you probably do," said John Weigel, the H.O.P.E. board president. "Come in and talk to us."

Project H.O.P.E. serves about 12,000 clients a year. Some have relied on the agency for years.

"Really you can't buy what you really want now," Georogerine Kovar said. "You have to just buy the necessities."

Melody Welch is learning that. Her first visit gave her lots of encouragement.

"They're friendly in there," Welch said. "Very helpful. All the things I need they've given me and they're just really kind, helpful."

All possible thanks to the acts of kindness by others.

"Once again, we want to say thank you," Dunbar said. We look forward to doing it next year."

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