Babysitter's Course Teaches Responsibility

How do you know if you are leaving your children home with a responsible babysitter?

About 30 future and current babysitters ranging from age 11 to 15 attended a babysitting course sponsored by the Nacogdoches County Extension Office.

The sitters learned how to change diapers and what to do in case of an emergency. Most importantly, they learned about responsibility.

"The main thing is if they are going to babysit they have a big responsibility for someone else's child," said Karen Tucker, a family consumer sciences agent. "And being responsible and focusing only on those children when they are babysitting is what we are trying to get across to these young people."

For those who are interested in the babysitting course, another one will be offered in early August.

You can call Karen Tucker at the Nacogdoches County Extension Office at 936-560-7711 for an application.