New book tells the stories of 12 wrongly imprisoned men

James Giles
James Giles

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – He spent 10 years behind bars for a crime committed by someone else with the same name.

Now, east texan James Giles Sr.'s story is being told, along with 11 other men who have been wrongly imprisoned.

The book is called "Tested" and Giles says 12 powerful stories of hope demonstrate how evidence should never be destroyed.

"There are other people that are still incarcerated okay, saying they're innocent. Once they see these stories that come out it will help them and motivate them to keep their faith and their hope that one day, they will find a way out for themselves," said Giles.

The book came out Thursday. Giles has even appeared on CNN's Larry King Live.

To learn more about his book, you can contact Giles at All Brothers Bail Bonding to purchase an autographed copy or you can go to

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