'Ride for hope' helps women in trouble get their lives back on track

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – They call themselves warriors for Christ.

The Christian motorcyclists organized the 5th annual "ride for hope" to raise funds for the Seasons of Hope, a non-profit treatment facility helping women in trouble get their lives back on track.

Renee Hill, Loretta Fry and Ambra Reppond share a painful history with drug and alcohol abuse.

"The only way of life I knew was my addiction and it kept leading me back to prison," said Renee Hill, now a program graduate with her life in order.

Enter the Seasons of Hope.

"We bring the women in. We teach them how to live in a Godly manner. We teach them how to live without drugs or alcohol," said Rhonda Brown, an equine counselor at the facility.

Graduates, Renee and Loretta share stories of success to encourage women going through the program.

"I was an alcoholic for about 27 years and I've been sober over two and a half years now," said Loretta. "I have a relationship with my children today, a relationship with God and I just have a peace and a joy."

Ambra has been in the program for a month. She says a relationship with God, and a network of support has changed her.

"It just happens to you. You don't even know it is happening until it's happened," she said.

Living, breathing testimonies, these women say Seasons of Hope will save lives.

In support of stories like theirs, the Warriors for Christ motorcycle group hosted the ride for hope, to fund the facility.

"With the economy being the way it is, donations are down and we're just trying to get as many people here as we can," said Darrick Henderson, the ride organizer.

The Christian cyclists use the open road to share their own testimonies.

"Everybody out here has been lost and now they're found. Instead of running with gang bangers they run with the Lord," said Chris Chambers.

Their bikes become a tool to touch lives. Their goal, to let women know recovery is possible through the Seasons of Hope.

Seasons of Hope staff say they are looking for a volunteer who can help head fundraising efforts. If you are interested, contact Carlene Smith at 936-240-1691.

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