Hudson's Holder enjoying year as Rangers' Ball Girl

By Jeff Awtrey - email

RICHARDSON, TX (KTRE) - A Hudson native who excelled on the softball diamond is enjoying her year as a Ball Girl with the Texas Rangers.

Krista Holder said she was one of six Ball Girls selected from a field of 1,000.

"They selected 20 of us to tryout," Holder said. "They watched us field and throw and interviewed us. After that, I got an e-mail saying I was selected."

Holder is the only new Ball Girl this year, as the other five returned from last year. It's also the first year the Rangers won a playoff series. Coincidence?

"They all call me a lucky charm," she said. "The players and the others. It's been one of the best experiences of my life and really cool to be a part of history."

Holder had a softball scholarship with the University of Texas at Dallas but decided to be on the baseball field instead.

"I love watching baseball," she said. "It doesn't matter if I were a Ball Girl or not, I'd probably be at 90 percent of their games. But being on the field and warming up the players and getting to know them on a personal level and learning they're real people is exciting. I just love it."

One player stands out from the rest, she says.

"Josh Hamilton, hands-down," Holder said. "Because he's just a humble guy and he doesn't look to himself like he's better than others. You see him before the games giving autographs to all the fans. They're all nice guys, but he just goes above and beyond."

As a Ball Girl, Holder is on-call for the games she doesn't work and must stay within 20 minutes driving distance from the ballpark. And she hopes the gig last through the rest of the month.

"I think they're going to the World Series, no doubt," she said. "They didn't come all this way to bow down to the Yankees."

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