10/19/2010 Lufkin Police Report

Lufkin Police Reports 10/18-10/19/10


Woman reported that sometime during the night, someone had stolen her purse from her unlocked vehicle parked outside of her residence.

10/18/10   BURGLARY/HABITAT 100 Block of HEMLOCK

Woman reported that she and her children returned home to find someone had entered their home through an unlocked back door and had stolen a video game system.

10/18/10   ROBBERY                       1000 Block of CLINTON

Man reported that he was approached from behind by two males as he was walking through a city park on his way home from the pharmacy after getting his prescription filled.  The man reported that the subjects hit him in the head from behind and knocked him down, and began kicking him and then took his wallet containing over $200.00 in cash and took all of his prescription medication before running off into the woods. 

10/18/10   THEFT                              300 Block of MEDICAL PARK

Doctor's office employee reported that after a fire at the doctor's office, several computers were removed for safekeeping.  It was reported that upon their return, they discovered two of their laptop computers were missing.

10/18/10   CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 3500 Block of S FIRST ST

Man reported that someone had cut the right rear tire on his car that he lets his daughter drive, and believes that the act was done by a group of females that tried to fight his daughter in front of the college dorms on Sunday night.

10/18/10   BURGLARY                    400 Block of WASHINGTON

Man reported that approximately $450.00 was stolen from a jewelry box in the bedroom of his home.

 10/18/10   FRAUD                                         1800 Block of SAYERS

Woman reported that she had lost her driver's license and social security card several years ago, and recently, she has been receiving traffic citation letters in the mail from the Houston area, as well delinquent payment notices in the mail, also from the Houston area, and believes someone is using her identifying information.

10/18/10   BURGLARY/VEHICLE 1500 Block of FRANK

Business manager reported that someone had cut a lock off of and entered one of their delivery trucks.