10/21/2010 Lufkin Police Report

10/20/10 THEFT/A                                       4600 Block S MEDFORD DR     

Complainant reported that her daughter forgot her cell phone in a hair salon Wednesday evening and when she returned for it the phone was missing.

10/20/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION          2900 Block DAVISVILLE      

Complainant reported that her home was broken into Wednesday and a 40" Toshiba television was stolen.

10/20/10 FORGERY/COUNTERFEITI         2500 Block DANIEL MCCALL  

Complainant reported that several checks were forged on her bank account in various Texas cities, one of which was passed at Wal Mart in Lufkin.  The complainant lives in Sweetwater, Texas.

10/20/10 THEFT                                           400 Block BRENTWOOD         

Complainant reported that he was scammed out of $1600 in a pigeon drop scheme Wednesday afternoon.  The complainant reported that he was approached by a black woman with an African accent who asked for a ride to an "African" church.  The man gave her a ride and was then flagged down by a black man with an African accent who also wanted to know where an "African" church was.  The woman flashed a large sum of money, there was some talk of showing trust and the victim withdrew $1600 from the bank and allowed the suspects to hold the money.  The suspects walked into Sam's Club with the money and weren't seen again.

10/20/10 ASSAULT/A                                 1800 Block SAYERS           

Complainant reported that she was assaulted by a known suspect Wednesday morning who sprayed her with pepper spray and hit her in the face several times.

10/20/10 BURGLARY/VEHICLE                 1600 Block SPRUCE         

Complainant reported that his pickup was broken into and the stereo and navigation systems were stolen Tuesday night.