Candidates in the Trinity County judge's race share county concerns

Doug Page (D)
Doug Page (D)
Frank Cowan (R)
Frank Cowan (R)

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – It would be hard to find two candidates with more differences than those running for Trinity County judge.

Doug Page, a retired D.P.S. trooper and rancher, is a plain-spoken man with a passion for his home.

"Had this on my mind for approximately ten years. I just feel its something I need to do - to just give back to the people," said Page (D).

Opponent, Frank Cowan on the other hand, is a retired pilot... and a talker.

He talks a lot about his drive to serve his neighbors.

"A new face put on our county. One with pride and distinction," said Frank Cowan (R).

Both men say they're in the race to better Trinity County.

Cowan says too many residents are at or below the poverty line.  Bringing them up will bring the county up, too.

"A lot of people that receiving stipends through the state or federal government. It's difficult to impossible to hold your head up with your hand out," said Cowan.

Page wants to put the focus on boosting the local economy.

"Economic development - bringing some industry in here to off-set the tax burden on our homeowners," said Page.

A big problem facing the county judge and commissioners in Trinity County is how to handle their county jail inmate housing problem.  Candidate Doug Page says he wants an opportunity to find a solution.

Page adds that the cost of shipping-off county inmates is a budget-buster.

"We have three neighboring counties we can work with as far as housing inmates in neighboring counties. That'll off-set the burden some," said Page.

A concern for candidate Frank Cowan is the low graduation rate at Trinity County high schools. He wants to come up with ways to turn that number around.

Cowan wants young people to know that education equals power, and that going to school could help the county move forward.

"We need new minds, new ideas, and imagination and that's what will continue to bolster us," said Cowan.

As different as these candidate are, both want voter input and support to continue even after the election.

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