Sabine Co. candidate blames newspaper error in his own ad

By Donna McCollum - email

SABINE COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Since last December, Keith Nabours has been campaigning against tax increases for Sabine County property owners.

"My main concern is just for economic growth," Nabours said.

A week before Tuesday's election he wrapped his stand on local government up in a half-page ad in the Sabine County Reporter.

"Everybody in Sabine County reads the Sabine County Reporter," Nabours said.

Or at least 3,000 paid subscribers.

"Well, what was supposed to be in my ad was, 'There is a way to achieve economic prosperity without raising your taxes,'" Nabours said.

But the one little word ''no" showed up in the critical sentence about taxes. It changed Nabours' message completely.

"And then the ad in the Reporter where they misspelled or whatever says, 'There's no way to achieve economic prosperity without raising your taxes,'" he said.

Nabours is stopping just short of making serious allegations.

"I never said it was intentional, just, you now, when you change a whole word like that, I don't see how that can exactly be considered a typo or a mistake," Nabours said.

The editor of the Sabine County Reporter did not want to go on camera for this story. Stephanie Corley said human error caused the misprint and there was nothing at all intentional about it.

The paper made a correction on their online newspaper. A new print ad won't do the candidate much good.

"The next paper don't come out until the day after the election," Nabours said.

Nabours says the online correction was free, but so far he hasn't gotten a reimbursement on his $280 newspaper ad.

Nabours faces incumbent Democrat Jimmy McDaniel for the Precinct Two commissioner's seat.

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