After calling police about stolen car, man admits he was buying drugs

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – A man called police after his car was stolen, and after questioning, admitted he had been buying illegal drugs at the time.

According to Corporal Trent Sobolewski with L.P.D., the man called them on Saturday to tell them his car had been stolen from a convenience store Friday night.  After further investigation, he told them his car had actually been taken on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, but he didn't know where exactly.  The man also admitted that he had parked his car, then went up to a house to buy drugs.  When he came back to his car, it was gone.

Sobolewski said that it's common for people to trade their vehicles for "dope", but he said this man is sticking to his story that his car was stolen.  He told police that he had waited to call police the next day because his cell phone was in his car.

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