Nacogdoches County property owner fights eminent domain law

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

DOUGLASS, TX (KTRE) - Through western Nacogdoches County, all around the town of Douglass, petroleum gas lines criss cross under the red dirt. It's where Transcanada's Keystone XL wants to pass under Mike Bishop's property.

"I don't want their money. Just leave me alone." said Bishop. "They can't seem to honor that, so they picked a fight. They got one."

Bishop's first fight was with surveyors. He wouldn't let them onto his property. The company petitioned for a restraining order and got it under the right of eminent domain.

"This right has been abused, so the problem now is landowners are suffering because of this abuse," Bishop said.

Keystone XL representatives say they're attempting to work reach amicable agreements with landowners, but must proceed as it has agreements with construction contractors.

" We're currently doing land acquisitions. We've hopefully settled on a route," explained David Penning, Keystone XL manager.

Bishop is joining forces with other landowners across the pipeline's route in an effort to win eminent domain battles.

"All the legislators in the world can sit there and say this is a matter of eminent domain, they have ultimate authority. They do if we allow them to do that. I'm gonna stop 'em, me with the help of good people out there, we're gonna stop 'em," claims Bishop.

A Stop Tarsands Oil Pipelines sign is attached to Bishop's truck. Another concern, perhaps another fight, for the outspoken property owner.

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