11/3/2010 Lufkin Police Report


A Garmin GPS was reported stolen from a locked 2003 Mazda vehicle.

HARRASSMENT   3000 First

Victim advised that she had been receiving threatening and harassing telephone calls from her ex husband.


The residence was entered through the back door.  Several video games and consoles were reported stolen along with a large amount of cash, flat screen TV, a laptop and iPod.

BUGLARY   1314 Lotus Lane

The locked residence was entered and ransacked.  Several pieces of jewelry and a Zippo lighter were reported stolen.

ASSAULT/C   118 Percy Simond

Victim advised that she has been threatened and cursed by her neighbors.


Subject attempted to forge a check belonging to his mother.  The suspect fled the bank leaving the check and his Driver's license behind.  A warrant has been requested on the suspect.

BURGLARY   342 Humason

Victim was awakened by the sound of the suspect attempting to gain entry to the back door of her residence.

BURGLARY   912 Traylor

The residence was entered and ransacked.  A large amount of gold jewelry and a coin collection were reported stolen.

THEFT/B   905 S. John Redditt

Suspect walked out of the business without paying for a pair of Coach Brand sunglasses.

THEFT/C   3200 Daniel McCall

Victim reported that her front and rear license plates had been stolen from her vehicle.  The plates were later recovered on a stolen vehicle in Diboll.  The case is under investigation.

THEFT   916 Turner

The front license plate was reported stolen from a Chevrolet SUV.


A pair of Designer sunglasses and a toy helicopter was reported stolen from the locked vehicle.

THEFT/B   2313 Raguet

The victim advised that after she received a visit from a couple of known persons, her wallet was stolen.

DEAD ON SCENE   703 Schuller Street

The Lufkin Police Department is investigating the death of a 53 year old male found in his apartment, by Lufkin Fire Department ambulance crew after a 911 call was placed by another person.  No names or other information released at this time.  Case is under investigation.

BURGLARY   716 Mantooth

Medication was reported stolen from a purse that had been move inside the residence, and nothing else was reported missing.