Jack of the Week: Drew Nelson

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES (KTRE) – The life of a punter can seem lonely for SFA junior punter Drew Nelson believes that stigma to be true.  He gets his due this week in our weekly installment of Jack of the Week after receiving the college football championship subdivision award for the best punter on the week.  Nelson averaged 52 yards per punt for his three punts.  Never bashful or camera shy he soaks up the limelight.

"Now that my day is finally here I couldn't be happier you kickers may look like the hardest working people in practice that's probably because we are not.   It's no lie probably the defensive backs and the offensive line they may work a tad harder than us kickers but the main thing is to look like your busy look like your staying busy and look like your really working hard," Nelson said.

Nelson's siblings made sure they molded baby brother into a punter by simply never playing with him when they were kids.

"I had two older sisters who were not the best for playing catch in the backyard with so I just learned at a young age that kicking is something that you do on the football field that's how it feels to be a kicker kind of by yourself."

By himself hanging off to the side of the field having fifty yards to practice on coffin corner kicks placing the opponent inside the ten yard line is what he does best.  Life of a kicker it's different but someone has to do it.

Drew Nelson is your Jack of the Week.

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