11/7/2010 Nacogdoches Police Report

Evading F-4   1728 Powers

Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend Jim Brooks was on her property trying to get in.  Police arrived and he took off running.  Police chased him into OHP and then into some woods where he laid down.  Within a few minutes the sun came up and he was spotted.  Police gave chase again and catching him.  Brooks has previous conviction for evading and was warned by officers to not be on property.  Brooks was arrested.

Warrant/Fail to ID Fugitive 1216 South

Officer contacted Kristy Wynne on a traffic stop.  She gave false name and officer was able to determine her true identity she was arrested.  Warrant was for Bail Jumping.

Theft   1000 North St.

Victim left his iPhone on the table when he went to his pickup to get an item.  When he returned the phone was missing.  Employee Victor Luna denied taking the phone but he had a warrant for theft.  He was arrested.

Criminal Trespass, Assault FV   921 Durst St.

Victim stated her ex-husband came to her residence and threatened her.  He has been told not to come back on her property.

DWI F-3, DWLI   4300 SE Stallings Dr.

Witness reported a drunk driver, officers caught up with the vehicle and observed it swerving across the divider.  The driver Octaviano Morales was intoxicated and arrested.

Criminal Mischief   921 Durst St.

Complainant stated a known suspect threw a brick at his gold 98 Cadillac Deville causing damage to the driver's door.  Johnny is dating Elmer's ex wife.

PI, Theft of a Firearm    4601 North St.

Officers responded to several 911 phone calls reporting a fight outside of Sports Shack.  Callers also reported a gunshot with the suspects in a white Cadillac.   Officers stopped the vehicle in the parking lot.  Officers found the pistol in the vehicle.  It was stolen out of Lufkin.  Pedro Alday and Roberto Alday were arrested.  Pedro stated he was being attacked by a group of H/Ms and he fired a shot in the air.

BOH F-2   300 W. Starr

Victim awoke to a light in his house.  He found an H/M going through his things.  Victim punched the suspect in the mouth knocking him down.  Victim tried to detain him for the police but suspect escaped out the door.  Suspect ran east on W. Starr and met two off duty police officers.  Hector Valenzuela-Segovia was arrested.


Lopez, Erick – Evading arrest, BMV and Sexual assault w/ child – all warrants from Angelina County