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Lufkin Cowboys fans sound off on head coach firing

Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips out. Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips out.
Scott Lambert, Lufkin fan Scott Lambert, Lufkin fan
Troy Langley, Lufkin fan Troy Langley, Lufkin fan
Cindy Lipscomb, local fan Cindy Lipscomb, local fan

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – It's official... the Dallas Cowboys have dumped their coach in a move to shake things up for their struggling season.

A few Lufkin Cowboy fans were shocked when they heard the news of the team owner's decision to fire head coach Wade Phillips.   

"It's kind of a surprise seeing as how a couple of weeks ago Jerry Jones said that he was just fine with the coach," said Scott Lambert.

For others, it was a question of not if, but when it would happen.

"My first thoughts - it's about time," said SFA student Jordan Lane.

With a 1-7 record so far this season, the high hopes pinned on the team pre-season have turned to disappointment.

"Been real disappointing, ya know. I work with a lot of friends at Hudson middle school and I see a lot of disappointment. They're sort of moving on to another team. They're hurt by what's taking place," said Cindy Lipscomb.

During a late afternoon press conference Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones declared his decision to fire Phillips, and promote Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett as the interim head coach.  However, some East Texans believe the Cowboys problems don't rest solely on the shoulders of the head coach.

"I think what went wrong is putting them on the spot as far as the super bowl because the super bowl was going to be here at home and hoping that Dallas Cowboys was going to be playing the super bowl and that put a lot of pressure on them," said Troy Langley.

East Texan fans are also blaming the Cowboys owner himself -- Jerry Jones.  They say get rid of the man on top and you may finally see a winning team.

"I don't think you're ever going to get a good quality coach in there that's going to be able to handle the team as long as your got Jerry Jones as the owner," said Lambert.

"If the coach isn't at ease to coach the way he feels he should that's putting a restraint on him to do what he wants to do with the team," said Lipscomb.

The fans just want the Cowboys to start winning, and if getting rid of the coach makes it happen, they'll support the decision.

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