Breast cancer awareness

Interest in the Breast Cancer Awareness movement is at an all-time high this year on both the local and national level.

Pro athletes in all sports have worn pink on their uniforms all month. Locally, there have been several events to raise money and awareness of the continued need for further breast cancer research.

One local realtor even pledged part of her commissions this month to the cause.

We're impressed with the participating organizations in their efforts to promote the movement. Let's face it, whether you're a guy or girl, wearing pink has become cool.

However, once October is over, we hope you won't lose sight of the fight against all types of cancer.

Lung cancer is the number one most fatal disease, and efforts should be stepped up to win that battle. Men, one in six of you will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in your lifetime.

Therefore, after October, let's not lose sight of the battle against all cancer. Furthermore, activists of the other types of cancer, you should learn a lesson from the those involved in the breast cancer movement, and make cancer awareness cool.