11/12/2010 Lufkin Police Report

11/11/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                LUFKIN     

Complainant reported that graffiti was painted on a business' wall sometime within the past three weeks.

11/11/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION             400 Block MARTIN LUTHER KING 

Complainant reported that her home was broken into Thursday morning and a computer and some jewelry was stolen.

11/11/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION             300 Block RENFRO    

Complainant reported that his home was broken into Thursday during the day and several electronic items and some jewelry was stolen.  A large flat screen television was also knocked over and damaged during the break-in.

11/11/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                      1200 Block RAY              

Complainant reported that on the night of October 24 someone cut the cooling line to the transmission cooler on her vehicle.

11/11/10 UNAUTHORIZED USE OF               700 Block CARD ST         

Complainant reported that she parked her silver 2005 Toyota Tacoma pickup at a business Wednesday evening after having engine problems.  When she returned for the truck Thursday morning it was missing.  The owner of the business said they didn't have it removed.

11/11/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION             1300 Block S BROADMOOR ST   

Officers responding to an active alarm found that a residence had been broken into Thursday morning.  A neighbor saw two black men in a brown car fleeing the scene after hearing the alarm sound.  A number of items were believed to have been stolen but the homeowner had not completed a list of stolen property at the time of the report.

11/11/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                      1900 Block W FRANK AV       

Complainant reported that a known suspect knocked a deli display case off a counter at a convenience store early Thursday morning and broke the $2000 display case.

11/11/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION             200 Block JOYCE LN     

Complainant reported that his home was burglarized several weeks ago and stole two guns and a bucket of change.  The suspect entered a portion of the home not often used and the complainant didn't discover the burglary for some time after hearing a family member may have broken into his home.

11/11/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                      1200 Block E DENMAN AV      

Complainant reported that her ex-husband broke out two windows on her car with a brick Wednesday night.

11/11/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                      100 Block SUMMERSET     

Complainant reported that she is receiving threatening phone calls and text messages from a known suspect and the same suspect slashed one of her car tires Wednesday night.