Bullies are everywhere these days. They're beyond the common places like classrooms or play grounds.

The threat of bullying is now twenty-four seven due to social networking sites that many students are plugged into.

Just recently a Rutgers University Student committed suicide after he discovered his roommate streamed a private moment in his dorm room live on the web.

Since his death it has been learned that several similar incidents led to him feeling powerless to defend himself. Many students who are bullied feel powerless, helpless, and lonely.

Here at KTRE we believe that this is where the community as a whole needs to stand up and stop the bullying.

It should not take the death of a child in our own community before we demand that there be severe consequences if one is caught bullying.

A demand needs to come from the community to school districts that they create up to date solutions to this old but evolving problem.

And teachers and other faculty need to be empowered so that they can defuse situations quickly and effectively.

We must also agree that no target is acceptable to bullying. No one should be bullied no matter their race, sexuality, disability, or socioeconomic background.

Of course the solutions to these problems are complex and are ongoing but if we combine our voice we can silence this threat in our schools and in our communities.

These are our thoughts. What are yours?