11/13/2010 Lufkin Police Report

11/13/10          UNAUTHORIZED USE OF 2713 MOFFETT

A white 2002 Nissan Maxima was reported stolen by the victim from her residence.

11/12/10          BURGLARY/HABITATION            1204 BRIARWOOD

Two large TV sets were damaged and the house ransacked.  Three watches and a cell phone were reported stolen.

11/12/10          CRIMINAL MISCHIEF      106 SUMMERSET

Front door damaged to residence, but nothing appeared to be missing from the residence.

11/12/10          CRIMINAL MISCHIEF      905 EVERETT

Victim evicted two suspects after they had not paid rent, the suspect intentionally damaged the residence, i.e.: breaking windows, doors, and pulling an attached store room away from the main residence.  The suspect had even left a small dog in the filth they left in the house.  The dog was near death and taken by Lufkin Animal Control.

11/12/10          BURGLARY/VEHICLE       701 JANE

A laptop top computer and a GPS system were reported stolen from 1998 Ford Mustang that was locked.

11/12/10          ASSAULT/A   2500 DANIEL MCCALL

Two male subjects got into a fist fight inside the business.  It appears that on subject bumped into the other.  Both claimed injury and request to file charges on the other.

11/12/10          BURGLARY/HABITATION            702 EVERETT ST

A freezer, refrigerator, antique chair and quilt were reported stolen from residence.

11/12/10          THEFT/B        4600 MEDFORD

Clerk at the store had been giving merchandise to family members.

11/12/10          BURGLARY/HABITATION            1204 NESBITT ST

Someone entered the residence and went through several dressers drawers but nothing appeared to be missing.

11/12/10          FOUND/MISC. PROPERTY            4505 MEDFORD

A credit card was found in the parking lot and turned into the police.  The card has been placed into LPD property room.

11/12/10          FORGERY/COUNTERFEITI          541 S CHESTNUT ST

$2,150.00 has been withdrawn from victim's account without her permission.

11/12/10          ASSAULT/C   117 WESTMORELAND

Victim claimed assault by her estranged husband.

11/12/10          ASSAULT/SEXUAL OF CHILD

A mother reported that her 15 year old daughter had sexual relations with a 30-35 year old man.  He daughter was introduced to the man by a 14 female friend who has been having sex with several men in the area.  The case is under investigation and no other information will be released at this time due to the age of the girls.

11/12/10          BURGLARY/BUILDING     905 N RAGUET ST

Three self storage building had been entered.  The owner of the business is contacting the renters to determine is anything is missing from the storage units.